Circles have constant motion because of their never-ending form. It is a graceful motion that flows consistently, without resistance. The infinity sign portrays movement towards a center, almost like a black hole. The way that the light catches the edges of the spiral through the middle draws people in with its beauty. I wanted to draw the viewer in with this specific implied motion. Once intrigued, the viewer cannot help but try to understand the piece by moving to view the piece from a variety of angles. Subconsciously, the viewer is sees the winding curves and asks the question, "Where does this lead?”

It is difficult to determine the best vantage point for viewing the piece, making it ever more intriguing and engaging. Every angle draws out new ideas and thoughts of what type of motion is happening. The light helps illuminate different ways to view this piece, allowing people to experience it in many different ways. Each variation in the lighting helps the viewer better understanding how the piece moves.

The light is shown from each side to display the beautiful shadows as well as opening the door for the viewer to change positions and experience the piece from different sides and angles. The progression of lights coming from both sides reveals subtleties as well as making the viewer asking again and again, “What do I see?”. The lights then begin a slow dimming pattern showing off the beautiful shadows while also showing off the speed and design of the curves of the spiral. This elongated time gives the viewer a movement to think and really take in what they are seeing. The lights then move into the sequence, in contrast to emphasizing the curves, highlighting the spiral’s boxed frame. The shadow cast by this lighting sequence reflects the construction of the piece, which is the coming together of many squares of acrylic stack together to create something with purpose. As the speed of the lighting sequence picks up, the viewer gets lost in the piece. The piece is ended with a random strobe-like lighting sequence that brings a full overview of the variety of nuances of the piece.


This piece is fabricated with acrylic and use of a laser cutter, lights programed with Arduino.